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Safety First
The safety of your kids is on your mind every day when you send them off to school. We can help to ease your mind a little by keeping your child’s image and identity protected on our site so that only you, the customer (or people you invite), can view these images. 
When you receive your original order from this year’s TSS Picture Day, rest assured that we have gone to great lengths to make sure the anonymity of a child is protected with our TSS ID system. Your original order will contain a Customer Order Summary with a great deal of information regarding your recent purchase, including your TSS ID, the key to finding your child’s image in our network.
Your TSS ID number is unique to your child’s image, even if multiple shots have been taken, each one will have its own number. If you’ve misplaced your Customer Order Summary, no problem! You can find the TSS ID on the back of most of our products using the image you want to re-order. Or give your local photographer a call so we may assist you in finding your next great gift idea using an image from TSS Photography.