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TSS Photography has the most comprehensive array of event photography options in the industry for private parties, corporate events, school events and other large events such as tailgating at sporting . 

Our technology allows us to take more images and connect more attendees with THEIR images than any other options. And with our industry-first, (optional) Face Finder technology…..attendees will see even more of their images!


  • “Red Carpet”, candid, group (including Virtual Groups created from individual images) and portrait photography

  • Option to allow attendees to view their images online before ordering

  • Ship orders directly to buyers/attendees….fast

  • Event organizers can offer Gift Certificates as a parting or attendance gift which can be redeemed online (this allows attendees to select the image THEY like)

  • Custom-branded portrait products allow organizers more branding opportunities for themselves and/or sponsors (this includes the use of text, logos and/or full graphics)

  • Email and optional text links for pictures sent directly to attendees

  • Branding opportunities on the TSS website and in email

  • Efficient data collection processes (event organizers can re-use the data for future and current events or sponsors)

  • Optional Face Finder technology which help attendees find their images….fast

  • Green or blue screen capability which can be used to offer custom event backgrounds and Virtual Groups

  • Banners, event signage (including “step and repeat” backgrounds) and sponsor & logo gifts

  • Attendees can create custom collages and other multi-image products online

  • An optional event organizer’s portal can be created to allow the selection and download of PR and complimentary images


Our school clients have the advantage of all of the items above plus parents/buyers have the added convenience of being able to order for multiple school events, photographed by TSS throughout the year, all at one time ….in one shopping cart! TSS can handle the posed portraits and/or candid photography at any event.

PLUS, parents and kids also love our TSS website features which can allow for the addition of text & speech/ thought bubbles, the creation of collages AND the ability to download images with custom text & graphics. School administrators love not handling money or forms, the ability to turn images “off” from online viewing and our admin portal to download images for PR, newsletters, yearbook and more!

Daddy/Daughter Dances

TSS can always handle your candid and posed portrait moments. Additionally, organizers of events with a large number of small children are happy to know about our certified safe photographers and our use of private, personal image galleries for online viewing. And, when needed, we can add an additional layer of online security for viewing.


Event organizers for corporations, universities and professional sports teams love the value that TSS can help bring to their events and brand. With our ability to provide custom-branded products, TSS can get your brand or your sponsors’ logos in the hands of more participants. Many event organizers are able to sell branding space on our products as an additional source of revenue. TSS also has advanced data collection methods if contact data for event attendees is important to your efforts. PLUS, our new Face Finder technology can get attendees to THEIR

Private Parties

TSS can handle events large and small! We know that sometimes you just don’t want to worry with pictures and that you want something better than cell phone pics! Let TSS take the worry out of capturing your important moments.


See the process in action!

Take a look at our event photography process. It is quick, simple and easy! We can take your event attendees photos, collect their information, and deliver their images within minutes!

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