TSS Photography Q&A on Franchise Business Review

Oct 19, 2017

TSS Photography Talking with Franchisees and Staff

TSS Photography has had a banner year of growth and technological advancement along with accolades such as being named in Franchise Business Review's Top 50 Franchises. So TSS asked franchisees for some feedback: Why TSS and how it is helping you achieve your goals?

Q: Those who are already photographers would like to know, why TSS?

A: After doing wedding photography for over 15 years, we started growing into schools and sports and I needed to find systems to support me and sustain the growth. After meeting the (TSS) team and seeing all of the systems in place...I was sold!

-James Whigham, franchisee in Louisiana

A: The franchise offered me a one-stop-shop for all the tools and resources I was looking for a grow my business.

-Victoria Schafer, franchisee in Ohio

Q: What's one thing TSS provides that's invaluable?

A: The franchise does a lot of research before it implements new tools and techniques. After TSS has tested an idea and has proven results, we can implement this into our business to grow. A great example of this is their mobile ordering tool.

-Tod Cohen, franchisee in Virgina

A: They encourage and facilitat (through annual meetings and a community site) franchisees keeping in contact with each other. We share resources on large jobs, and we have conversations about how to implement new technology.

-Lindsay Verdun, franchisee in Illinois

Q: What is part of the role TSS has as a franchisor?

A: You can't do the same thing year after year and expect to maintain a business...much less grow a business. We do the R&D legwork for our franchisees in terms of product and systems innovations. Once something is vetted and proven, we give franchisees the marketing and sales tools they need to use those innovations. We want franchise owners to have cool products and tools that help them compete on anything but price. We also focus on tools to cut out office work so our owners can have fun running their business. Work-life balance is important to us and our owners. We create business tools to get you more time with friends and family and less time editing and uploading.

-Alison Counts, TSS Photography Marketing Director

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