Why our Photographers LOVE What They Do!

Feb 19, 2018

After our recent regional meetings, we were inspired to share with you reasons our photographers love to do what they do - working with customers like you! 

Meet Kellie

Kellie Healy has been involved with her photography business since 2001. She loves to see the joy on kids' faces as they get their photos taken, but it's the parents who really make her day.

Meet Ashley

Ashley Barlowe loves her TSS Photography business. She's been involved with the sports photography business for more than 20 years and finds it fulfilling. Getting to work and travel with the most amazing people in the business is one of the reasons she loves her work. 

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Verdun and her husband Steve started their photography business in 2007 and are often asked, "Why choose TSS and not just be an independent photographer? What do you love so much?"

She believes TSS Photography really is a complete package when it comes to photography business ownership. From sales training to creating lasting memories for families - the TSS Photography owners are proud of the family atmosphere.

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