TSS Photography Pushes Innovation Further
April 1, 2019

What do you remember about picture day when you were a kid with your sports team? Do you remember waiting around forever to get the group shot or hours with nothing to do while waiting for it to be  your little brother’s turn with his team?

When the envelope came with the photos inside, how often did  you like what you saw? How many times were you slightly disappointed and hurt that you’d waited so long to find that out?

TSS Photography has changed all that. We are dedicated to creating a better experience for everyone – from players to league executives. In fact, each of our franchise owners are provided with cutting edge technology from Candid Color Systems – our partner photography lab.

We talked to three of our top-notch franchise owners who were excited to share how our innovative technologies help their businesses.

From Franchise Owner Rachel Sherman

TSS Photography’s desire to stay above the game is evident in every move they make. They never let an update pass them by or pass up an opportunity to make the software better. They listen to the people in the field using it and take their experiences into account when updating the software. Every service they provide is beneficial in some way or other, whether it is a service I use every day or only occasionally.

When we’re booking with a new school, the technology can help seal the deal – especially if it’s a “green school.” We’re able to show them we don’t waste paper with proofs or envelopes. We simply send a link to the parents and they’re able to go online, see the photos, and order what they want. The photos are then sent directly to them. It helps in the classroom, too, since teachers don’t have to waste time chasing down orders, handing out envelopes, or dealing with the photos in any way.

Everyone gets a better experience and we’re excited to be able to make it that way.

From Franchise Owner Tod Cohen

One of my favorite innovative features we’re able to use is called Virtual Groups. It can work on groups of any size, from just 10 basketball players to an entire graduating senior class. All we must do is take an individual photo of each person who will be in the final group photo in front of a green screen in the right position. We are then able to put the whole group picture together using the software.

This way, we are able to ensure that no one in the group photo will be blocked from sight, blinking, or poorly lit. You don’t have to put all the people who want to be in the photo into the same physical space.

The school or league can get a big print to turn into a banner and we can offer each of the students or players a group shot as a keepsake. The proprietary software allows for us to put the names at the bottom of the photo as well.

From a scheduling standpoint, people are allowed to come at different times – even on different days – and the whole team will look good, be beautifully lit, and no one will have to be missing.

Not every customer or situation needs Virtual Groups, but it doesn’t have to work for everyone. When we can provide easy and efficient solutions to problems, the leagues are incredibly grateful.

From Franchise Owner Lindsay Verdun

The online ordering platform has been a big game changer. Everyone can see and order everything on their phones. Having the ability to take orders online from someone’s smartphone makes our lives and the parents’ lives so much easier.

It’s the way technology is going – everyone is happy with paperless options and thinking of making changes for the environment. It’s also efficient, and mom and dad aren’t always there at the photo shoot to be able to choose what they want.

We’re able to reach our customers more efficiently and present more products to them without having to pack up an entire moving truck for every picture day we shoot. It allows our customers to be selective when making decisions, because they can already see what the photos will look like. It makes things less rushed and everyone is more relaxed.

The process is accurate, efficient, and we can process faster – we lose the backlog of having to key in orders or addresses. We no longer see the spelling mistakes from our human errors at the keyboard. No one has an online ordering platform like the one we can offer that can do all the things we do.

The technology TSS Photography provides for us helps us look good, it helps us be cutting edge, and they help us keep the information we receive form our clients secure within our servers.

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