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TSS knows that dancers are serious athletes. And we also know that the photography process, poses and products should be different for dancers than for other sports. With several process options to meet the needs of the studio, TSS has the most flexibility for studio owners in the business. We are prepared to photograph your instructors and teachers during class time or on dedicated picture days. Our custom logo and graphic options can make studio or routine-specific products that make parents excited to order each year. Our Impact products are perfect for all ages, but are especially great for older (company) dancers who have the ability to hit more challenging poses.

TSS has the option to allow dancers to view their images online before ordering for a dancer and family-friendly buying experience. TSS also has a wide array of product options specifically for all types of dance including ballet, hip-hop and other performing arts. 

Studios love our ability to provide sponsor products, banners, collages and large-format prints for their studio.

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