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TSS Photography has the most comprehensive array of event photography options in the industry for private parties, corporate events, school events and other large events such as tailgating. 

Our technology allows us to take more images and connect more attendees with THEIR images than any other options. And with our industry-first, (optional) Face Finder technology…..attendees will see even more of their images!

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  • We will take lots of pictures and you'll receive those images right after they are taken!

  • Event organizers can offer "complimentary" images as a parting or attendance gift to guests - these images can be custom branded with your organization's logo and information

  • Custom-branded portrait products allow organizers more branding opportunities for themselves and/or sponsors (this includes the use of text, logos and/or full graphics)

  • Efficient data collection processes - Guests enter their cell phone numbers on our tablet one time at the event

  • Email and optional text links for pictures are sent directly to attendees

  • Attendees will view all of their images in a personalized gallery

  • Additional prints and products are available to purchase at low prices

  • Photo product orders are sent directly to buyers/attendees….fast

  • We will keep their images backed up for years


Event organizers for corporations, universities and professional sports teams love the value that TSS can help bring to their events and brand. With our ability to provide custom-branded products, TSS can get your brand or your sponsors’ logos in the hands of more participants. Many event organizers are able to sell branding space on our products as an additional source of revenue. TSS also has advanced data collection methods if contact data for event attendees is important to your efforts.


TSS can handle events large and small! We know that sometimes you just don’t want to worry about pictures and that you want something better than cell phone pics! Let TSS take the worry out of capturing your important moments.


Take a look at our event photography process. It is quick, simple and easy! We can take your event attendees photos, collect their information, and deliver their images within minutes!

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