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Safe & Virtual Ceremonies

We provide tools for Virtual, Modified & Safe celebrations including videos and social media graphics to help honor seniors and processes for touch-free graduations and creative commencements.

We are seeing a trend toward high schools having a commencement ceremony that is modified for the needs of their community.

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We have solutions for your graduation needs.

Whether you are looking for a way to honor your seniors now until a ceremony takes place at a later date or you are looking for additional ceremony alternatives...we can help.

Graduation & Commencement Services

TSS handles all of your graduation photography needs. From elementary, middle school, high school, college and vocational ceremonies. Our service includes photographing each graduate, plus a ceremony overview, processional, and PR photographs.

We know each ceremony is unique so we will work with you to determine what is best for your school.

Virtual groups

We can create a virtual group picture using individual senior images. There is no need for a large group of students to be together for this to work. The Virtual Group can optionally include names and can be provided to every senior as a keepsake.

Graduation Gifts

Are you trying to generate goodwill during time of uncertainty? Send your seniors a gift! We can offer easy ways to send gifts to your graduates who register. Consider customized mugs, plaques containing the student's personal achievement graphics, spirit sticks that include the graduate's cut-out, yard signs, and much more!

Personal Achievement Graphics

With the use of Personal Achievement Graphics (PAGs) we can create solidarity and spread cheer. These graphics will honor the graduate by name and can include optional information such as degree, major, quote, graduate photo, school logo and school colors. They are intended to be shared via social media by the student or the school. PAGs can be distributed directly to students using a link to download their image or returned to the school in bulk. Schools can use these graphics in other ceremony plans or they can be combined into a virtual or online ceremony video.

Virtual Ceremony Videos & a Celbration webpage

We can offer a video combining all of the PAGs for students. This video would be delivered as a high-resolution mp4 and can be hosted on a website, delivered via social media or email link or even used during a live ceremony. Virtual or online ceremony videos can be delivered with music or can be delivered with no music for the school to add their own audio. Name reading audio options also are available. Click here to view a sample Virtual Ceremony Video.

We can provide a custom page for each school where we will host the Virtual Ceremony video. On this same celebration page we can also host each student's PAG, name announcement clips and animations (depending on what is ordered). We can also accept up to 10 videos from the school and will even host the page for at least 5 years.

Click here to view a sample celebration page with a virtual or online ceremony video that includes name annoucements.

Click here to view a sample celebration page with a Virtual Ceremony video on the left and sample video from the school on the right.

We make things easy for schools by providing an optional Admin Portal where staff can review data and images collected.

We also have the ability to send graphics directly to the individual student eliminating the need for the school to distribute social media files to each student.

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