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Safe Sports Sessions

New Safer, Social Distancing Procedures for Sports Picture Day

We Can't Wait to See You!

Please let us know as you learn more if there are any special needs your league may have! 

We look forward to our new normal together!


In addition to our regular safe environment (background checks for employees, cleaning equipment, privacy for photos, etc.) we will be adding extra safety measures going forward to ensure an EVEN SAFER experience for everyone involved.


We are scheduling more time between teams to limit the number of people at the photography area. Likewise, we ask that only players getting photos taken and TSS personnel be allowed in the photography area.

We can schedule more Picture Days to accommodate proper distancing.

Paperless & Touch-Free

We will provide NO TOUCH services wherever possible for Picture Day by eliminating the use of forms, allowing online ordering, and sending orders direct to parent's home.

What makes us different

Our PhotoMatch™ program and View First™ process allow us to operate quickly and efficiently on picture day without paper order forms or camera cards. Parents also get to see their images before they buy and orders are shipped directly to homes!

Find more information on our PhotoMatch™ process.

Learn about how we use QR Codes for a Hassle-Free ordering experience. 

Virtual Groups, Panos & Digital artwork

We offer "Virtual Group" or "Impact Pano" team photos to prevent participants from being in close proximity. These products are created using indiviual images.


Sanitize & Sanitize Some More

If sporting equipment is provided by TSS, we will have hand sanitizer for your player to use prior to and after their photos are taken. The equipment used will be santized between each player.

The Wellbeing of our Staff

Our employees that are within 6 feet of a child or parent participant will be required to wear a face covering. Additionally, we will constantly monitor the health of our employees and not allow any to work should they show any symptom of any illness.

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