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TSS has the knowledge to cover your photographic needs

TSS photography has the expertise to cover all of the photographic needs of colleges & universities. We have specialized products, equipment and processes for yearbook photos, group photos (including Virtual Groups), athletics, graduations, composite, cap & gown, grad or job fair, PR, game-day tailgating and more! Administrators love our admin portal where they can manage and download the images they need. 

Students love the ability to order online 24/7 and more!


TSS offers photography services for Greek and other campus organizations. Members love that our products can be customized with symbols, graphics, logos and titles for all of their event needs. And all products are 100% guaranteed. TSS offers group pictures for events such as bid Day, Mom’s Day or Dad’s Day and candid photography for parties, initiation, recruitment week and more.

Members love that our event services include the ability to order across multiple events on our secure website, add text/ speech bubbles and graphics, create multi-image products, order immediate digital downloads and much more! And now our NEW Face Finder technology can get members to their images even faster! No more scrolling and hunting! Simply click one image including your face to create a personal gallery of your images from the event! It’s easy….and fun! And when TSS photographs your composite portraits, we can use those pictures to group future party pictures together even faster! 

Our composite service is a parent and composite rep favorite! Parents can view & order online 24/7 and composite reps can use our secure portal to approve names and images. 

See our school section for a more comprehensive list of TSS services.

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