IMpact artwork

Customized for you and your needs

The Impact series, one of our most popular product lines, are custom pieces of artwork for teams and/or individuals. These look great using posed or action images



The individual is cut out and placed into one of our custom backgrounds and customized with color (matching the team, school, group or uniform colors), school or organization name, team name, year, jersey number and more. These custom pieces can be created with 1, 2 or 3 images and are produced on the highest-quality, Kodak metallic photo paper.


We have 2 types of custom Impact series group pictures. Our Impact Panos are intended to show your group’s personalities. The group is constructed of a series of individually shot images, which means that your group does not need to be photographed all together. These pictures can also be taken anywhere and do not require the use of green screen. If you are interested in a more traditionally posed and shaped group picture, but you still want custom artwork, choose our traditional Impact team product. This product means that your entire team will be photographed together, but we will transform this team picture using a custom background and graphics. This product is great when you don’t have a scenic location for your photograph or you simply want a custom design.

Both of these products are can be customized with color, team/group school name, logos and dates. TSS has dozens of designs to choose from.

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