TSS Q&A on Franchise Business Review
June 18, 2020

TSS Photography has had another record-setting year of technological advancements and awards, such as again being named as a top franchise by Franchise Business Review and Entrepreneur magazine.


Senior Business Analyst Kim Kelley: PhotoMatch, our onsite digital assistant, is key to eliminating office work for volume photographers. This software allows photographers to match any number of images to names and data. PhotoMatch can also upload images during a shoot. Customers love the ability to place an order on their mobile phones in real time. Our goal with PhotoMatch is for the photographer to be done with a shoot before they leave an event – no office work. It’s a game-changer!

Chief Technology Officer Demetri Barges: Our newest facial recognition tool allows TSS owners to photograph a job and use our software to pull images together for a single person. This eliminates office work and increases sales by creating more targeted marketing. It’s a win-win.

An independent survey asked TSS franchisees for their thoughts. Here’s some of what they said.


George P., franchisee in Kentucky: CORE software and the lab are game changers; the people make this business fun. The innovations they’ve brought to the table are great: virtual groups, green screen solutions and background options, PhotoMatch, etc.

Kellie H., franchisee in Pennsylvania: When I lost my office manager last fall, I wanted to see how long I could go without hiring someone. Right now, I am making it through my busiest season, mostly on my own, thanks to PhotoMatch. This would never have been possible without it.

Lindsay V., franchisee in Illinois: They encourage and facilitate franchisees keeping in contact with each other through multiple annual meetings and a franchise community site. We share resources on large jobs and we have conversations about how to implement new technology.


Tod C., franchisee in Virginia: We really help and support each other. It is one of the most valuable benefits I receive. The collective experience and sharing of information is so helpful. I got invited to attend a board meeting for a local baseball/softball league that was scheduled for an evening where I would be out of town for a family event. But I coordinated with my neighboring franchisee to help me out. When the meeting started, he called me up and I was able to present to the board through his iPad. The board selected TSS for their spring season! Your neighboring franchisees are out there to help and support you.

Jennifer L., franchisee in Georgia: Living in an area the size of ours, the schools are very large, which means there’s more competition. I can’t walk into schools this size and say, Hi, I want to take your photos. I get to walk in with our company history as my backing and let them see what we can bring to the table. We are locally owned but nationally supported.

James W., franchisee in Louisiana: After doing wedding photography for over 15 years, we started growing into schools and sports, and I needed to find systems to support me and sustain the growth. After meeting the team and seeing all of the systems in place, I was sold.

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