Owning a Business and Changing Diapers: A Mom Who Does It All
May 10, 2017

Owning a small business takes dedication and sacrifice. Long hours and client deadlines help people to learn if they have what it takes to create a sustainable work-life balance. Can you handle organization and paying business bills, while also scheduling meetings and hashing out contracts?

Lindsay Verdun can, and she does it all while being a wife and mom of three.

Lindsay owns a TSS Photography Franchise. She spends her working time helping sports teams and classmates capture memories. From scheduling, photo shoots to making sure each family gets the photos they order, this mom has what it takes to get down to business.

Meet Lindsay Verdun

Lindsay and her husband Steve own a franchise in Central Illinois. Steve is a fifth-grade teacher. They have six-year-old twins and a seven-month-old.

“My husband’s cousin worked for the previous TSS Photography Franchise owner,” Lindsay said. “When we moved here for college we got jobs with him. When he was ready to retire we decided to buy it so we could manage for me to stay home with the kids while still having a career. We’ve been with TSS now for a little more than 10 years.”

Lindsay said a lot has changed in the last 10 years. When she first started as an assistant she wasn’t interested in photography particularly. It wasn’t until one of the other employees didn’t show up for work that Lindsay began to take photos.

“We went into the business not having a real love of photography,” Lindsay said. “While the work is sometimes stressful and time-consuming – like all jobs can be – the return is worth the investment and more. It is such a family business.”

Why TSS is Perfect for the Verdun Family

The decision to buy the franchise and put their family first provided Lindsay with the opportunity to be involved with children’s passions as they grow. The level of control she has within her business is a huge factor in her appreciation of the job.

“Personally, my single favorite thing is that I can make my own schedule,” Lindsay said. “It is the best of both worlds. I can say yes or no to jobs. I can focus on what’s important at my kids’ school. On top of teaching catechism classes at church, I am also a member of Peoria Mothers of Twins Club.”

The schedule isn’t the only thing she appreciates about owning a business with TSS.

“The folks at TSS are fantastic,” Lindsay said. “The level of support is incredible, both personally and professionally. There are lots of other TSS Photography franchises in Illinois. They encourage and facilitate franchisees keeping in contact with each other. We share resources on large jobs, and we have conversations about how to implement new technology.”

Lindsay and her family are so happy as franchise owners, they talked long-time friends into buying their own franchise. Now the two families live an hour apart and are able to share the joys of the job.

“I love to watch parents’ faces and see how excited they are as we get the kids through the motions quickly,” Lindsay said. “Their faces light up as they watch their kids making memories they can hold, and I love how we use the systems in place to make things as simple as possible.”

It isn’t just Lindsay who is happy working with TSS Photography. Alison Counts, the marketing and franchise director for TSS Photography, speaks highly of this mom who does it all.

“She is extremely positive and thinks very logically about her business,” Alison said. “She has good growth even while being busy with her kids. She has been in our Presiden’s Club many times. She’s a great example of an owner and is always one of the first to help a fellow franchisee.”

If you are interested in learning more about how you could be in control of your schedule and run your own business, download our virtual brochure. You too could have the freedom of working when and where you want as a franchise owner with TSS Photography.