Capturing Connections: TSS Photography’s New Exclusive Partnership with the Weston Bar Association
April 17, 2024


We are thrilled to announce a significant new partnership for TSS Photography of South Florida! Rachel Sherman, one of our top performing franchise owners, has been named the Exclusive Photographer for the Weston Bar Association, marking a significant achievement for both Rachel and the TSS community.


The journey to this exciting collaboration began in a seemingly simple way: Rachel met Mia, a member of the Weston Bar Association, at a Network Lead Exchange (NLX) meeting—an intimate networking group that convenes twice a month. A friendship quickly formed, catalyzed by shared professional values and a mutual dedication to community service.


Rachel’s commitment to going above and beyond was showcased when she received a last-minute request to cover a “Galantine’s Day Lunch Celebration” through Mia’s referral. Despite the short notice, Rachel rearranged her schedule to personally shoot the event. This not only helped a friend in need but also provided Rachel with an opportunity to network with the seventeen other attendees.


The event was a resounding success! Rachel’s efficient photography skills and high-quality photos did not go unnoticed. When Mia witnessed the professional execution and the custom banners Rachel created for the event, she was convinced that TSS Photography was the right fit for the Weston Bar Association.


During a subsequent networking luncheon hosted by the association, Rachel was not just a service provider but also a guest, further showcasing her support for the association. At the end of Mia’s speech, she formally announced TSS Photography as the Exclusive Photographer for the Weston Bar Association. This partnership is a testament to the exceptional service and community engagement that TSS Photography stands for.


This new role is not just a business achievement for Rachel; it represents the essence of what TSS Photography aims to provide—exceptional photographic services that are seamlessly integrated into community and professional networks. It underscores our commitment to fostering relationships and delivering value beyond just capturing moments.


We invite you to experience the professional excellence that has made TSS Photography a trusted partner for so many esteemed organizations across the country. Connect with us today to discuss how we can make your upcoming event. Let’s create memorable moments together—book now and see the difference that comes with choosing TSS Photography!